Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Airsoft Standard Size AEGs VS. CQB AEG

When playing with airsoft bb rifles, it is always important to choose the right equipment for the type of environment where you will be playing. Part of choosing the right equipment for the environment is choosing the right airsoft gun to use. When playing with airsoft rifles outdoors, most fields have a large playing area and have a higher FPS limits (usually around 400 FPS). Playing on a larger outdoor field normally means that you will be engaging targets at a longer range, and maneuverability through tight spaces won’t be as important. CQB fields are normally indoor fields with limited space for engaging your target with your airsoft bbs, and they normally have much lower FPS limits (usually around 350 FPS). Maneuverability is much more important on CQB fields, where there isn’t much as much space for moving and engaging your targets.

When playing at an outdoor field where range is important and the FPS limits are set much higher, a standard size AEG rifle is the best choice. Standard Size AEGs normally fire airsoft bbs between 375 – 400 FPS, and have a longer barrel than CQB size airsoft AEGs rifles. The standard size AEG’s longer inner barrel allows it to hit targets at longer distances than a CQB AEG; however the longer barrel limits its maneuverability in a CQB type environment. Another standard size AEG feature that is great for outdoor fields but limits maneuverability in indoor fields is a full length stock. Having a full length stock helps to properly aim down the sights or scope, increasing your chances of hitting your target at long distances, however it also increases the length of the AEG making it more difficult to move in close quarters environments. There are some standard size AEGs guns that work well in both CQB and outdoor field environments. These AEGs rifles normally have shorter barrels such as the M4, R36, and M5 type AEGS. Some standard size AEG rifles also have folding or collapsible stocks that make them much more maneuverable in CQB environments to accurately fire the airsoft bbs.

In a CQB situation it is important to have an AEG rifle that is compact and lightweight, allowing you to be much more agile. CQB engagements are normally fought out in building type structures with limited space to move, and shorter engagement distances. CQB AEGs are designed specifically for CQB environments, with short barrels and stocks to make room clearing and cornering much easier. Their compact design and lower FPS is perfect for quickly engaging targets around corners, and allows for much greater maneuverability. The CQB guns lower FPS design normally means that it will have a higher rate of fire than a standard size AEG, which gives CQB AEGs a slightly faster trigger response. CQB AEGs can be used at outdoor fields as well, but you will probably have to move in close to your targets which can leave you vulnerable.

Making sure you have the right airsoft equipment and right airsoft gun for the type of environment where you will be playing is always important. Having a gun that is too bulky for a CQB field or having a gun that can’t hit targets at longer ranges at an outdoor field is likely to make your day of airsoft much less enjoyable. It always helps to do a little research of the field you will be playing at to determine what equipment to bring. And remember it is always better to over prepare than under prepare. If you are unsure about the type of field you will be playing at, bring both a CQB AEG and a standard size AEG just to be safe!

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