Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to Use an Airsoft Hand Grenade

A common tool in airsoft combat is the hand grenade. When detonated properly and with the right equipment, an airsoft hand grenade will give an edge to a player of any skill level, strategy, terrain of play, or number of opponents.

This article outlines the use of airsoft hand grenades in airsoft combat. It reports how to operate the hand grenade as well as when to to use them and the types available.

Steps for Using an Airsoft Hand Grenade

Hand grenades have two important steps.

  1. Setting up an airsoft hand grenade
  2. You will need to unscrew the detonator (top part) of the grenade. You will then need to fill the body of the grenade with ¾ tap water and add about 100 BBs. The size of the BBs you use will depend on the grenade you are using. Then you will need to open the bottom end of the grenade and fill it as directed with citric acid. Make sure the top and bottom are tightly secured.

  3. Detonating an airsoft hand grenade:
  4. When you are ready to activate your airsoft hand grenade, you simply need to pull the pin from the bottom of the hand grenade. This releases the citric acid into the main body of the grenade. Shake the grenade for a quick second to mix the two ingredients that will create a chemical reaction leading to pressure build-up in the grenade. Throw the grenade as soon as possible. The pressure will build in the grenade and quickly explode releasing the BBs with a great deal of force. Grenades can and should be reused for multiple uses.

    When to Use an Airsoft Hand Grenade

    Airsoft hand grenades are a great way to simulate real combat and intensify a variety of scenarios. Hand grenades are for perfect for long distances that don’t require the aim or precision of shooting. Hand grenades, though, do require proper timing. They are ideal for throwing in bunkers, ditches, and buildings to eliminate players.

    Types of Airsoft Hand Grenades

    There are a variety of hand grenades that range in quality and price. A gas-powered hand grenade provides players a grenade that is easy to use and effective. It uses green gas or propane as a propellant and has adjustable timing and easy to adjust screws.

    Another option is to use a grenade shower cartridge that is also gas powered, but has a different expulsion type. It has an 18 round BB capacity.

    One tool that grenade users find very helpful is the grenade launcher This tool is very helpful when you need o get further reach with your hand grenade. Hand grenade launchers built into an airsoft gun is one option. Others are simply grenade launchers with or without the mount and adapter.

    Whatever airsoft hand grenade you select, proper implementation of this weapon will put you one step ahead of the competition and a true strategic airsoft player.

    About the Author: Mike Zhang is the President and COO of Airsoft Megastore, an Airsoft retailer offering electric and gas powered airsoft guns, airsoft grenades, and airsoft parts.

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