Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top 5 Starter Airsoft Guns for 2011

There are a variety of factors that make an airsoft gun a great choice for a beginner. These factors include price, build quality, accuracy, power and battery life. The key is understanding what is important to you and your pricing constraints.

The 5 top choices for airsoft starter guns to for 2011 are as follows:

  1. JG M4 S-System AEG Rifle

    The number one choice for an airsoft starter gun is the JG M4 S-System. This electric airsoft gun is a full metal gearbox AEG Rifle with integrated RIS and one-piece high bore barrel. It is the newest enhanced model and one of the highest-rated AEGs that Airsoft Megastore has ever carried. The JG M4 S-System is powerful, accurate, versatile and reliable. It is the quintessential starter gun because it comes with everything an airsoft player may need and nothing that they will not. The JG M4 S-System gun can be easily customized and upgraded if you would like to upgrade parts in the future.

  2. KWA M4A1 AEG Rifle

    The KWA Airsoft full metal M4A1 carbine AEG Rifle with metal gearbox is our second pick for best starter gun. Although this gun is a little bit more money than the JG M4 S-System, it is known for its exceptional build quality. The KWA M4A1 comes with a 45 day product warranty, fiber reinforced handguard with battery compartment, removable carry handle, flat top receiver and full metal alloy receivers. A diamond tactical premium-grade tactical sling is also included with any KWA rifle.

  3. 400 FPS CYMA AK47 Full Metal Gearbox AEG Rifle

    The least expensive of the five options, the CYMA AK47 AEG rifle with metallic body and full metal gearbox delivers both value and power. The full rear stock allows for large battery storage capabilities, which increases the amount of time you can spend using the CYMA AK47. This airsoft gun has adjustable sights that help beginners increase accuracy. The CYMA AK47 is the enhanced model with an ultra high torque AK47 motor which delivers robust shots.

  4. JG R36C Tactical AEG Rifle

    The JG R36C is another exceptional value option for beginning airsoft players. This newly enhanced model is more powerful, more accurate and more durable than earlier JG guns. The high-torque motor can deliver over 800 rounds per minute on full auto at upwards of 350-400 FPS. The barrel of the gun has been re-designed to be tighter, which has increased power and accuracy.

  5. SWS MilForce X28 Sniper Rifle

    This Airsoft X28 Milforce bolt action sniper rifle gun with adjustable rear stock and precision machined sniper barrel is another great option for beginner airsoft players. The SWS Milforce X28 Sniper is a high-performance rifle with a high muzzle velocity and an extremely accurate shot. This rifle has long effective range over 240 feet and effectively outperforms competition when it comes to both power and accuracy.

About the Author: Mike Zhang is the President and COO of Airsoft Megastore, an Airsoft retailer offering electric and gas powered airsoft guns, including elecritic airsoft rifles and AEGs. Please visit Airsoft Megastore to shop for full metal Airsoft shotguns and shotguns or Airsoft gun bbs for players of any experience level.

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