Monday, February 21, 2011

Airsoft Games: Manhunt

There are plenty of games that airsoft enthusiasts can play for practice and entertainment. Earlier we have mentioned games such as Paratroupers, Capture the Flag, Medic, Team Deathmatch, and King of the Hill. Today we would like to talk about lesser known game - Manhunt.

I like to think of Manhunt as airsoft meets The Fugitive. It's (usually) one man against everyone else, which makes it pretty intense. Basically, one individual - armed with an airsoft pistol - is hunted down by the rest of the players. The hunters can use whatever weapons they like, airsoft shotguns and rifles are popular picks. The person being hunted is given a five-minute head start to go wherever they want within a given space. After five minutes, often marked by a signal such as a whistle or blow-horn, the hunters start the manhunt. Obviously, the goal of the hunters is to shoot the hunted man within a specific time limit. Conversely, the hunted man wants to pick off the hunters or at least remain "alive" throughout the designated time limit. Hunters are not allowed to deliberately shoot other hunters. If they do, they are eliminated. If anyone is hit by an airsoft bb accidentally, they must sit out on the side until the next game begins.

There are two possible ways to win the game. If you are the prey, you win the game by surviving and/or shooting all the hunters within the time limit. (Not an easy feat!) If you are a hunter, your team wins by having one person shoot the prey. Of course, like all airsoft games, rules can be altered to fit your needs. For example, you can have two people being hunted... or even have two separate conflicting teams doing hunting. The increased complexity often adds more excitement to the game.

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