Thursday, September 3, 2009

Airsoft Game Types: Paratroopers

airsoft paratrooper gameMany airsoft players like to participate in different types of airsoft games and scenarios for variety and to become well rounded in their airsoft skills. Periodically, we spotlight some of these different game types in this "Airsoft Game Types" series. Today we are highlighting Paratroopers - an airsoft game scenario in which a group of 'stranded' paratroopers is tasked with completing specific objectives and making it safely back to their pickup zone.

The paratrooper airsoft scenario begins with dividing participating players into four groups. The members of the group chosen to be the paratroopers are blindfolded and led to the designated ‘Drop Zone,’ where they are understood to have landed in this game scenario. The paratroopers are given a basic map of the area and must collaborate with one another to achieve the objectives, which have been determined at the beginning of the game. In a variation of this scenario that makes for a more challenging game, there may be multiple designated 'Drop Zones' with some of the paratroopers starting at each location. When there are four groups as described, one group is comprised of the paratroopers and the other three are assigned to defend three objects that the paratroopers will be trying to "take out."

Often the map provided to the paratroopers contains inconsistencies or tricks to make the challenge more difficult to accomplish. For instance, an objective may be marked in the wrong location, or an objective may be marked on the map that is not actually there.

Each of the other three groups is assigned an object to defend, for a total of three objects that represent the objectives for the paratroopers. The paratroopers are tasked with "taking out" each objective, represented by a flag at each location that must be returned to the "Pickup Zone." The paratroopers win if they are able to return the flags from all three objectives to the Pickup Zone successfully.

This is a basic description of how Paratroopers can be played, though like other game types, the game scenarios can be modified to fit the number of players or the area available for play.

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