Thursday, June 18, 2009

Airsoft Game Types: Capture the Flag

airsoft capture the flagCapture the Flag is a classic game type that is popular in both paintball and airsoft. Each team is tasked with capturing a flag and bringing it to a designated location while avoiding enemy fire. Capture the flag is a versatile game type in that it can be adapted to accommodate large or small groups of players. There are several variations on the rules of Capture the Flag, a couple of which are described below.

Capture the Flag begins with two teams positioned at opposite ends of the playing field. Usually, each has its own base (or designated starting location) with a flag that the team must protect. Each team’s mission is to capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it safely to home base while defending its own flag and eliminating as many opponents as possible. Typically the rules stipulate that the flag must be visible at all times, including while it is being carried by a player. The rules dictated by the organizer will determine what happens if a player carrying the flag is hit. Either the flag must be returned to its original base or the player may drop the flag for a teammate to pick up and continue with the mission.

An alternative scenario called ‘Center Flag’ consists of two teams and two bases, but only one centrally located flag that each team must try to capture. In the single flag variation, victory goes to the team that returns the flag to its own base first. In an alternative scenario, the team may be required to capture the flag and bring it to the opponent’s base.

As with other airsoft game types, the rules for Capture the Flag vary among different organizations and fields. Even if you are an experienced player, be sure that you are familiar with the rules for the organization with which you are playing.

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