Friday, May 8, 2009

Airsoft Game Types: Team Deathmatch

Airsoft Team Deathmatch TDMTeam deathmatch, also known as TDM, is a basic airsoft game type that consists of two teams competing to get the most hits on their opponents. Teams begin on opposite ends of the playing field and work together toward the goal of eliminating members of the other team before their own players are hit. Typically there are equal numbers of players on each team to start.

In team deathmatch, each player keeps track of his or her own hits, and team totals are calculated at the end of the match. When a player is hit, he or she signals the hit and goes to a designated respawn point. As with other Airsoft game types, players are expected to adhere to the honor system and call themselves out when they are hit. The rules and objectives of this game type will differ from group to group, but in many cases players who have been "killed" can come back into the game after a certain amount of time has passed.

A variation on team deathmatch is an individual deathmatch, or Free for All, which is a similar scenario except there are no teams. Last Man Standing is an example of this game type. Each player tries to eliminate other players without getting hit, which proves a challenge without having team members to help defend against enemy fire. Since every man is for himself, being attacked from multiple directions at once is common and makes hiding difficult. Though many airsofters love the camaraderie of team games, individual deathmatch games are fun and fast-paced and usually shorter in length than team matches.

Team deathmatch is one of the basic airsoft game types that is commonly played by beginners and experienced players alike. Games that fall into this category will vary widely on the details of play, so be sure to pay attention to the rules specified for the group you are with.

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