Friday, August 21, 2009

Will just any BBs work in my Airsoft Guns?

Airsoft BBsYou may have noticed that some discount retailers and big box sporting goods stores sell BBs, and perhaps wondered if purchasing them for your airsoft guns would be a good bargain. More than likely, the BBs you find in retailers that are not airsoft stores do not meet the recommended specifications for use in airsoft guns. High powered airsoft guns can be permanently damaged and their warranties voided if used with incorrect or low quality BBs.

The quality of BBs used in an airsoft gun actually makes a big difference in performance. Seamless, precision high-grade BBs are recommended for optimal performance and to prevent damage to the gun. Often BBs labeled ‘seamless’ at big box retailers are not manufactured to the same strict specifications as are those offered by airsoft providers, and do not meet the recommended standard for use in most airsoft guns. Low quality BBs used in an airsoft gun can shatter, causing the gun to jam and potentially damaging internal components irreparably. If you use the wrong BBs and your gun is damaged, the warranty will be voided and you will be left with a broken gun.

The quality BBs that are recommended for airsoft guns will allow for better performance and protect the gun from unnecessary damage. Precision high-grade seamless BBS are manufactured to strict standards regarding density and spherical consistency and have higher quality craftsmanship, resulting in better performance and higher feet per second (FPS) than their cheaper counterparts.

The importance of using quality BBs is a lesson that too many new airsoft players learn the hard way. Remember that it is also important to use the correct BB size and weight recommended for each of your guns. To learn more precautions you can take to protect the warranty on your airsoft gun, please see Protect your Airsoft Gun and its Warranty.

About the Author: Mike Zhang is the VP of Operations of Airsoft Megastore, the #1 fastest growing Airsoft retailer in the nation. Airsoft Megastore offers the latest airsoft guns and gear as well as a 125% low price guarantee on all new Airsoft guns and gear.

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