Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Do you have what it takes to be an Airsoft Sniper?

airsoft sniperMany airsoft players consider snipers to have one of the most sought after roles on the field. In an airsoft skirmish, the sniper plays an important role both in eliminating opponents and communicating important information to the team. If you are considering putting your skills to the test as an airsoft sniper, here are a few things to know:

Stealth is critical to success as a sniper. One of the airsoft sniper’s main goals is to remain undetected and unharmed throughout a skirmish. A sniper must be able to remain very still for long periods of time waiting for the right moment to strike. At times, the sniper may need to move from location to location. Maneuvering through fields or wooded areas undetected requires the ability to crawl quietly across any terrain to avoid enemy fire. The ability to stay low to the ground and out of sight while changing locations is a skill that may take some practice.

Additional gear may be needed for optimal performance as a sniper. In addition to quality airsoft sniper rifles, many airsoft snipers purchase upgrades and gear specific to the sniper role on the field. Quality scopes, bipods and ghillie suits are common pieces of equipment used by airsoft snipers. A sidearm such as a pistol is also helpful for situations in which the sniper is spotted or ambushed by enemy fire and needs an automatic weapon for protection.

Airsoft snipers need a lot of patience. Often an airsoft sniper will lie still waiting for long periods of time without taking a shot. Snipers are not usually in the middle of the action, so that is something to consider in deciding if being a sniper is right for you.

Practice, practice, practice. The skills required to succeed as a sniper will take some practice. For one, a sniper should be comfortable and experienced with his or her rifle and understand its capabilities and limitations. Firing from too far away could cause you to miss the target and reveal your location, while firing from a distance too close can lead to injury. Accuracy at long distances is pivotal to a sniper’s success. The ability to crawl quietly while staying low to the ground is another skill that may take some practice to perfect. Airsoft snipers must also learn to think ahead, keeping multiple escape routes in mind at any given time to avoid being trapped by opponents.

Taking accurate shots, maneuvering stealthily and establishing good communication skills with your teammates are critical in a skirmish, but can be practiced off the field as well. Honing your skills both on and off the field will help prepare you for success as an airsoft sniper.

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