Monday, July 6, 2009

Airsoft Game Types: King of the Hill

airsoft king of the hillWe've discussed a few airsoft game types in previous posts - Medic, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. King of the Hill is another fun airsoft game with the goal of controlling of a predetermined area marked by a flag. Usually, the marked area being defended is a hill - hence the name of the game - but the game can be played with most any area designated as the hill. The hill or other area being guarded should be a somewhat open area that is not overly easy to defend.

In King of the Hill, players are divided into two groups - attackers and defenders. The defenders start out positioned around the flag, which they will defend while the attackers attempt to take over the territory. The game is played with a time limit, usually about fifteen minutes or half an hour, but can be any time frame as dictated by the game organizer. The team with members closest to the flag is considered to have control of the hill, and the team that has control of the flag upon expiration of the allotted time is the winner.

Defenders of the hill shoot the attackers with airsoft guns in attempt to protect the hill, while attackers do the same to take out opponents and seize control of the hill. Usually in a game of King of the Hill, players who are hit are required to stay out of the game and remain silent until the next round begins. Or, players may be permitted to reenter the match after a certain amount of time has passed, depending on the rules set forth by the organizer of the match.

As with other airsoft game types, the rules and scenarios vary among different fields and organizations. If you are participating in a King of the Hill match, be sure you know the guidelines put forth by the organizer. As always, be safe, play fair and have fun!

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