Thursday, January 6, 2011

NEW Unconventional Tips for Being an Airsoft Sniper

One of the most coveted roles in airsoft is that of the sniper. Snipers are powerful forces on the field, often playing key roles in eradicating opponents and transmitting communications. The time-tested sniper tips that I consider to be the Big Three of successful sniping include stealth, patience and practice. After all, a sniper can only be successful if they remain undetected (stealth), wait for the right moments for the kill shot (patience) and shoot with high accuracy (practice, practice, practice!) In addition to the Big Three, you should also invest in the right gear. There are a number of airsoft sniper rifle upgrades and various airsoft field gear that will improve your performance, such as scopes, bipods, ghillie suits, a side arm for potential enemy ambushes and - of course - good-old black electrical tape.

While these tips - stealth, patience and practice - are all valuable and effective, they are also a bit general. The Airsoft Megastore team set out to find out more specific, concrete sniper recommendations and here are few "unconventional tips" that came straight from the playing field…

  • Know the local vegetation. One sniper we spoke with noted that they recently discovered that they couldn’t crawl through a specific type of shrub. Even though they were flat on their belly, the bush tops moved significantly, giving away their position. Some other foliage is noisy or even painful to crawl through. Look for paths through the bush rather than attempting to crawl through.

  • Consolidate equipment so that it is easy-to-reach. One inventive sniper we spoke with disclosed that he duct tape equipment like his radio to his arm or weapon. It keeps the item always within reach. The less you have to move, the less likely you will be seen.

  • Partner up. Snipers are sometimes thought of as lone wolves, but partnering up with a spotter can make you much more effective. Lay side to side, facing opposite directions. This formation allows you to have a near 360 visual range.

  • Sit one out. Volunteer as an airsoft skirmish referee. It is valuable to impartially observe a skirmish at some point in time. You can gain insight and create new strategies based on what you observe on the field.

  • Take a note. After every skirmish, take a few moments to jot down what you learned from that day’s activities. Refer back to your notebook before the next match. It will refresh your memory and help you improve. Many airsoft players are predictable and use the same maneuvers time after time. By taking notes, you not only push yourself out of your ineffective ruts, but you can also identify other players' typical behaviors for future reference.

  • Test all gear ahead of time - including your clothing. Make sure that your gear not only works, but is also quiet. Noisy items are truly frustrating on the field. If zippers / buckles jingle or pant legs rub together noisily, use black electric tape to correct the situation before you hit the field.

About the Author: Mike Zhang is the President and COO of Airsoft Megastore, the #1 fastest growing Airsoft retailer in the U.S. Airsoft Megastore offers a full selection of gas and electric Airsoft guns including airsoft sniper rifles and spring airsoft shotguns.

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