Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Airsoft for Christmas: When Should I Order?

The popularity of airsoft is growing at an exponential rate, supplanting paintball as the preferred weapon platform for military and law enforcement training. Airsoft continues to grow in the public sector as well. Much of this is due to the youth and young adult demographic groups, who have latched onto the sport of airsoft with the same level of enthusiasm which they’ve historically displayed for first-person shooter video games. Have a look at the staggering sales figures for the newly launched ‘Halo: Reach’, and you’ll get an idea of their buying power!

The difference in supply between the two couldn’t be more different, however.

While video games (a popular thing to gift for those December holidays) are easily obtainable given the nature of their manufacture and broad distribution, airsoft products can sometimes be a bit more tricky to acquire, particularly during the months leading up to Christmas. The reason is two-fold, and basically comes down to ‘supply attempting to keep up with demand’.

The first reason is, the sport of airsoft is a rapidly growing and while long-standing airsoft manufacturers work around the clock to keep up with the ever-increasing worldwide demand for their products, the delivery time of these products to airsoft retailers isn’t instantaneous. Most airsoft manufacturers are located overseas, which means longer cargo transit time and customs inspections. Shipments from manufacturers can sometimes take months to reach airsoft retailers.

The second reason is the sheer demand for airsoft products by savvy airsoft players. The demand for products can quickly diminish the stock of those shipments once received by an airsoft importer. It’s no secret. Airsoft players are often tech-heads, and they know what they want and when/where the airsoft products they desire will be available. They often pre-purchase their airsoft guns so as to reserve the product and guarantee their receipt. And while some airsoft retailers possess the purchasing power to import large amounts of product, their customer base also often purchase these products in large quantities, as they understand the constant waltz of supply and demand.

What does this mean to you, the young airsoft enthusiast or the parent of one? Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to place your airsoft orders, because more than likely, that particular airsoft gun that you’ve been eying will be by that point unobtainable by December 25th.

About the Author: Mike Zhang is the President and COO of Airsoft Megastore, a leading online provider of Airsoft guns, gear, airsoft ammo and accessories. Airsoft Megastore brings Airsoft to the masses by offering low prices on Airsoft gear for beginner to experienced players.

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