Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tips for Protecting Your Airsoft Gun & Preserving Your Gun’s Warranty

As an airsoft player, it can be extremely frustrating to have your airsoft gun break prematurely, only to discover that your warranty is void because of some obscure rule. It’s important to keep in mind you’re your airsoft gun is very much like a real weapon. It has sophisticated mechanics that should be treated with care. Even high quality gear can break if mishandled. So, in an attempt to reduce your future frustration, here is a quick and easy checklist of ways to care for your airsoft guns and avoid compromising its warranty.

  • Use quality airsoft BBs. Always use high quality BB’s in the size specified in your owners manual. Most airsoft guns are configured for 6mm BBs, but its best to check with your owner’s manual to be sure. Use the wrong type, not only will you jam and damage your gun, but you will very likely void your warranty. If you want to err on the side of safety, polished, high-grade, seamless BBs are the best for your gun, and they will improve your shot.

  • While we are on the topic of BB’s, be sure you are loading your ammo correctly. If you load your airsoft pellets incorrectly, you may damage your gun and void your warranty. When you buy a new gun, be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

  • If you are using a spring gun, only cock it once per shot. Repeted cocking may damage the internal mechanisms of your gun and void your warranty.

  • If you are using a standard airsoft battery charger, check your owner’s manual and ensure you are charging you battery for the appropriate period of time. Airsoft batteries are sensitive and may be damaged if left charging for excessive periods. If you are concerned about your battery, I recommend investing in a smart charger, which will shut off when the battery is full.

  • As tempting as may be, do not disassemble your gun unless you are an expert / professional. Doing so will likely void your warranty. The disassemble/reassemble process may seem like a harmless challenge, but more often than not, it leads to irreversible damage. Alternatively, if you are a hands-on learner and don’t mind the risk, it’s a safer bet to disassemble and play around with the internals after the warranty period has ended.

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