Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why Airsoft Guns in Law Enforcement and Self Defense Training?

Contrary to popular belief, Airsoft is not limited to game play and war reenactments. For many years both law enforcement and military branches have used a variety of Airsoft guns to practice for emergency situations and train in realistic scenarios. Using Airsoft pistols in these situations allows for mistakes, corrections and necessary learning experiences for policemen and military personnel without the loss of life.

Airsoft blowback pistols are often used by policemen and law enforcement for practice as they match the dimensions and weight of the actual pistols used. In these scenarios, the policemen and women, and military personnel, have the opportunity to practice, test and evaluate their tactics, equipment, and physical and mental capabilities in a realistic and safe training situation.

The drills they practice involve engaging targets – as they would in a real situation – that may react and shoot or fight back. Training in such a realistically simulated environment allows those in law enforcement to be prepared so they react without hesitation, doubt or mistakes.

In an environment where law enforcement increasingly deals with violent crime and national security, it has become crucial for each officer to demonstrate proficiency and competency with regards to their weapons handling and situation control, and Airsoft presents a cost-effective method of training to ensure the highest standards of capability.

This situation-based training involves non-lethal weapons of the handgun and long gun variety, like Airsoft blowback guns which have a sliding top section similar to real pistols which further allow for the realism of the training scenario. Pistols like this use gas (propane or green gas usually) to power the gun and therefore, do not require cocking prior to firing. Additionally, since blowback pistols are typically automatic or semi-automatic and have a higher fps than spring loaded guns they have capabilities closer to those of the handguns used by law enforcement. More recently, Airsoft shotguns have been incorporated into self defense and gun safety classes in order to better train people. Utilizing a replica of real guns prepares people in case they need to use the real thing someday – they feel more comfortable and are more familiar with the guns they need to handle as they have practiced with a similar model.

Since Airsoft replicas are 1:1 in scale, they are the best alternative for self defense and training classes and with correct eye and body protection (which is required for all Airsoft uses – including game play) the potential for any bodily injury is minimal. Airsoft is expanding beyond gameplay as more and more people see the value in using them for important law enforcement training and self defense classes.

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