Friday, May 28, 2010

Nightsoft – Tips for Night Airsoft Skirmishes

Nightsoft, a night-time airsoft skirmish, is an excellent way to change up your airsoft play to add a new degree of excitement and challenge to the sport. It you live in warmer climates, it is also a great alternative to playing in the summer heat. Here are a few tips for planning a successful nightsoft skirmish.
  • Integrity matters even more in the dark. Choose your teammates and fellow skirmishers wisely. If you think people cheat in daylight, wait until you get them in the dark!

  • Take a break to prepare for nightfall. If your switching from day play into nightsoft, it is best to have an official break to make sure everyone is ready for the transition. This will give you an opportunity to recap night-play rules and to get your gear situated. If you misplace gear in the darkness, it is likely lost for good, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure everything is secured.

  • Determine how you will navigate the darkness. Night vision goggles, though expensive, are an awesome way to enhance the sport. (Go Gen1 if you can afford it.) If going night-vision free, you need to some sort of lighting device on hand in case of emergency. This could be a formal lighted scope added to your airsoft AEG, or a simple handheld LED. These lights can also help when doing a quick surveying of the area or trying to locate something you have dropped; just make sure you don’t give your position away!

  • Identify the teams. Use glow-in-the-dark tape on the upper shoulder/arm to identify team members. One team might be three lines in a row, while the other is a triangle… or any symbols that are easy to tell apart.

  • Keep the game structured. Night games can become chaotic, so have a very clear goal for each team. Capture the flag, for example, is an excellent nightsoft game. Make sure team members also have clear role with objectives as well. Clear strategies will help prevent the game from deteriorating into run-and-gun chaos.

  • Protect yourself from injury. Because of limited visibility, you are much more likely to get hurt when playing at night. The most popular injury I have seen is twisted or sprain ankles. Running shoes won’t cut it. I recommend water-proof military/combat boots, which will provide extra support for your ankles.

  • Dress for night temperatures. If you are in cold climate, be sure to come prepared with several layers of clothing. You may be lying close to the ground for long periods of time which can get quite cold. In some climates, warm summer nights are perfect and require little modification, in others, you’re better off with long johns, ear warmers and wool socks.

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