Friday, January 22, 2010

Airsoft FAQ: What is a Hi-Cap and why do I need one?

Hi-Cap is a commonly used abbreviation for High-Capacity, specifically a high-capacity magazine used with electric airsoft guns. If you are new to airsoft and plan on participating in team skirmishes, a hi-cap specific to your AEG is a must. These magazines hold up to ten times more airsoft BBs than a standard mag, and will allow you to stay engaged in game much longer and with fewer loading breaks.

While a standard magazine uses a conventional expanding spring, a hi-cap magazine uses a more space-efficient band spring that winds into a coil. (A hi-cap magazine can only fire when there is sufficient tension in the coiled band spring.) Winding the spring is easy… simply turn the wheel which is usually located at the base of the magazine until you hear a distinctive clicking noise which indicates that the spring is ready. To load, use a funnel or your hand to pour the BBs into the opening at the base until the reservoir is visibly full. Next, make sure your AEG is set to safe mode, and slide the hi-cap into the base of the gun. When the hi-cap is properly in place, you should hear the BBs enter your airsoft AEGs feed point. That means you are ready to go. Once loaded, a hi-cap magazine will give you a continuous supply of ammo during airsoft play and ensure that you can cause maximum damage on the field.

When you have finished using the gun, it is important to store it correctly. This means releasing the tension in the Hi-Cap's spring. To do this, hold the hi-mag upside down over a bag, box or container (to catch BBs that fall) and press the release button (usually located next to the feed hole.) You will hear the spring unwind and BB's will fall out. After the spring is completely unwound, empty out any lingering BB's and you are ready to store your high-capacity mag until your next skirmish.

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