Friday, December 18, 2009

Close Quarter Combat in Airsoft

Close Quarter Combat (CQC), is a military tactic made popular by Israeli and Russian soldiers that involves using close proximity, speed, and accuracy to violently overtake an enemy target made. In airsoft, CQC is one of the most exhilarating and realistic exercises you can engage in. In modern warfare fellow soldiers, enemy fighters, hostages and civilians are often closely intermingled, making long distance assaults less risky. Since the main objective is a rapid and violent takeover with minimal friendly fire and casualties, a strong CQC soldier must think fast on their feet and have a mastery of their weapon. Here are a few tips on being the best CQC player you can be:

  • CQC is typically a side arm game... think airsoft AEGs such as pistols and hand guns. Machine guns and large rifles have their time and place, but in most close quarters combat scenarios, they are a disadvantage as they are bulky and less agile.

  • CQC requires more compact, short range firearms which allow for a higher rate of fire and maneuverability. Once you have selected the right electric airsoft guns, practice, practice, practice. CQC is too high speed to risk inaccuracy.

  • Most CQC games are played in smaller enclosed areas, often mimicking an urban warzone, though outdoor games are fun as well. Regardless of the location, CQC is fast paced and typically full of surprises, so it is best to know the terrain before-hand.

  • CQC players are encouraged to wear extra padding. Direct and even ricochet hits can be very painful in this close proximity.

  • It is recommended that you carry a multi-tool (for possible gun jams), duct tape (for Macgyver moments), water, extra mags, and whatever accessories fit the objective. Smoke grenades are a cool way to enhance a CQC exercise. Camouflage is also recommended for that added element of surprise.

  • Eye protection is a MUST. At this close of a range you could potentially lose an eye.

  • A strong CQC player is aware of enemy movements, uses cover effectively, and knows to watch their AEG's battery life.

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