Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tips for a Better Airsoft Experience

If you are a recent airsoft convert, it is important to gather information so you can improve your experience. In this article, I will review the more social and nuanced aspects of the sport. Having the right gear and knowledge is 50% of the experience... but it's the thrill of the game itself that really makes the sport so addictive. Here is how to make the experience even better.

  • Find the right team for you. It's easy to get excited about all the cool airsoft products out there, but having the right gear is only a part of the fun. Having a good airsoft team network is invaluable. How do you find that network? Popular resources include friends and family, forums, airsoft stores, meet-up groups, local extreme sports venues, and even Facebook. Once you have a team, you may decide to play against other teams or break off into smaller groups. Make sure each smaller team is evenly matched. Consider factors like number of players, fire power, skill/athleticism, and how long the players have been involved in airsoft.

  • Find the right place or places to play. Outdoor areas are favored and a wooded area is ideal. A large field can work but if there is nowhere to hide or maneuver, it will be less engaging. Obstacles always add to the excitement. Check with your local military or law enforcement. They may have training fields that are open to the public or available for rent. Ask around at you your local sporting store and network with other airsoft enthusiasts online through airsoft websites.

  • Explore different games. Most people play a variation of a two team elimination game, but there are other exciting options. You can split the group into three or more teams or consider other airsoft games like Zombie Hunt, King of The Hill, Last Player Standing, Capture The Flag, and variations on a hostage rescue theme.

  • Set clear rules. No matter which game you play, set clear rules of play and boundaries. Define how many hits is an out. Clearly define the areas (safe zone, hospital, jails etc.) On a side note, don't be a cheater. Everyone hates them because they ruin the game's integrity. If you cheat (typically refusing to recognize a hit) you will likely earn a bad reputation which could end up alienating you from the team. New players joining an existing team should do their best to honor the rules that are set forth by the team.

  • Become your own expert. The more you know about the sport, the more fun it can be. Get to understand the equipment you are using. Learn and use common hand signals; they crank up the team work and authenticity of the game.
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