Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Airsoft Games: Prolonging Airsoft Skirmishes with Medics

In airsoft play, a medic is a player who has the ability to re-spawn injured or dead players. In others words, the medic can touch a dead man or injured player and "heal" them, allowing the player to re-join the game. You can either play Medic, a game focused around the medic concept, or introduce medic(s) into another form of airsoft skirmish. There are several possible variations of the medic option worth considering:
  • Will the medic be a single player on the team, several members, or will all players have medic abilities? The fewer medics on a team, the more valuable the medic becomes. Too many medics and your game may never end... which is not necessarily a bad thing.

  • In games where there are multiple medics, can a medic "heal" another medic? If everyone has medic abilities, of course they can, but if you only have a few medics in the game, this question becomes more important.

  • Will the medic(s) be armed? In some instances, medics are not armed, making their situation more challenging and precarious. In others, they are only allowed one pistol. Or in some instances, medics are fully armed.

  • Will medics heal on contact or require a certain amount of time for the player to be restored? If the touch heals the player instantly, game play is a bit easier. Requiring a certain amount of time to elapse is more challenging. For example, you might require a medic keep contact with the patient for 10 consecutive seconds before that patient is healed.

  • Can medics carry arms and/or ammo to downed players? The longer you plan the game to last, the more attractive this option becomes. Oftentimes, players run out of ammo and get shot during long skirmishes. In some instances, your medic can also become an effective re-supply strategy.

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