Friday, June 25, 2010

What’s good Airsofters! Let me bring to your attention that this is the FIRST insider scoop on how the gears move here at AMS. From now on, we'll be keeping you in the loop on the latest and greatest happenings, both inside this industry and here at Airsoft Megastore.

As much as many enthusiasts take the sport seriously, we do the very same when it comes to tactical Airsoft apparel. The graphic designers at Airsoft Megastore have been working hard to bring you exclusive AMS t-shirts. Pulling inspiration from their love of the sport, the AMS team has scratched out multiple designs, making sure you’re not rocking a lame t-shirt out on the field (easy target). No more filtering through a wasteland of dorky, "funny" Airsoft t-shirts. Airsoft Megastore has made it easier for you by printing uniquely badass designs – Lord of War, Call Your Hits and Word Up. Let ‘em know you know what's what – both on and off the field. Don’t be the last one to rep one of these awesome tees – get yours today at Airsoft Megstore!

Til next time, Happy Airsofting.


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