Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Airsoft: An Honor Sport

Airsoft is a great sport designed around using military type equipment (tactical gear, communications equipment, replica firearms etc.) to complete military style scenarios. Unlike paintball, airsoft BB’s do not mark the target they hit. This is great because it means a lot less mess than paintball; however it also requires airsoft players to be especially attentive to whether or not they get "hit". Airsoft games can be a great time; however nothing ruins it faster than players not abiding by the honor system set in place. In most airsoft games players must call “hit” the moment that they are struck by a BB and cease fire. Depending on the game type the player may have to walk to a re-spawn point, walk to the starting point, or wait to be “healed” by a teammate. This not only helps gameplay move smoothly and fairly, but also gives the shooter the satisfaction of knowing that they succeeded in their attempt. When players don’t call their “hits” it can cause major disruptions to gameplay, and cause frustration amongst all the players. There are a few general rules to use to make sure that you don’t disrupt gameplay and dampen the spirit of the game.

  1. Abide by the “Golden Rule” of airsoft: Always call your hits, because you want the other players to call their “hits” when you shoot them as well.

  2. Wear Gear and clothing that allows you to feel your hits. Wearing too much gear, and /or loose and baggy clothing will prevent you from feeling a “hit”, and you may not even notice. Make sure that if you are wearing plate carriers or body armor you know what a BB striking your gear sounds and feels like.

  3. Carry a “Red Rag/ Dead Rag” with you at all times. A “Red Rag/ Dead Rag” is a red piece of cloth about one foot by one foot that players use to signify that they have been hit. This lets opposing players know to stop shooting at that particular player, because they are out of action.

  4. When you are hit, move quickly out of lines of fire so that you don’t get hit again and you don’t disrupt gameplay.

  5. Never hide behind a player who is hit. This causes the opposing team to either shoot the player who is already hit, or to cease fire and disrupt the pace of the game.

  6. Never call another player’s hits. This always causes unnecessary tension during gameplay, and distracts from the spirit of the game. Nine times out of ten, the targeted player truly didn’t get hit. The best way to solve the issue of a player you believe didn’t call their hit is to move closer and get a clear line of sight on the person before shooting.

  7. If a player truly isn’t calling their hits always bring it to the organizer/ game staff first before confronting the player. This eliminates any form of argumentation, and also brings the issue up to the staff’s attention.

By following these simple rules, Airsoft can continue to be an amazingly fun sport. It will also help you build friendships with other players, because they see that you play honorably. So have fun out there, and call your “Hits”!

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