Thursday, July 7, 2011

Proper Transportation of Airsoft Guns

As many of you may know, California recently went through an in-depth debate regarding the public safety of airsoft guns. This was brought about because a boy exposed his airsoft gun in public while playing on a street with his friends, and when the police arrived to assess the situation they saw the boy with, what looked like to them, a real firearm. The police shot the boy out of fear for their safety and that of the community, when the boy failed to cooperate with their instructions.

This is a completely avoidable situation that can be solved with a few simple safety instructions.

1. When transporting an airsoft gun, shotgun or rifle, always make sure to keep the airsoft gun in a sealed gun bag. This keeps the airsoft gun out of sight from the general public, and prevents it from being mistaken for a real firearm. Hard Plastic Gun cases work well to keep the airsoft gun protected from anything that may bend or break it. Tactical Nylon bags are great for storing multiple airsoft rifles and extra gear, because they are adjustable and expandable in most cases. Never put your airsoft guns or gear in a backpack that you use for school. Bringing an airsoft gun to school is a serious offense in most states, and if you forget your gun or gear in your school backpack you may get in trouble with not only your school but also the law. Always make sure that whichever proper gun case you are using, it contains the entire airsoft gun. It may also be a good idea to put your tactical gear such as holsters, vests, plate carriers, and magazine pouches in a separate sealed bag. This is a good idea because even though you may not have an airsoft gun in open view, tactical gear worn or displayed in public is sure to cause alarm. Check out our full selection of airsoft gun bags/ cases, and tactical bags for stowing gear.

2. Always make sure that airsoft guns are stowed in a proper gun bag in the trunk of the vehicle when driving with your airsoft equipment. Make sure that there are no magazines or holsters lying around in the back seat, because that is a sure way to arouse suspicion and you may soon find yourself answering questions to the police.

Remember, unless you are in your own home or at a sanctioned airsoft area, always keep your airsoft gun and gear packed up in a proper bag/ case. And as always, be responsible with your airsoft equipment.

View our video of proper ways to transport your airsoft guns and equipment and check out our full selection of proper bags and cases for all of your airsoft gear.

About the Author: Mike Zhang is the President and COO of Airsoft Megastore, an online airsoft retailer offering electric and gas powered airsoft guns, as well as airsoft parts, upgrades and accessories. Visit Airsoft Megastore to shop for airsoft AEGs, full metal airsoft rifles or the right airsoft gas gun for players of any experience level.

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