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Seven Core Airsoft Games

There are a variety of different airsoft games, ranging in style, composition, difficulty and structure. Creative and passionate players are constantly making up new game variations, but many of the core airsoft games remain the same.

This article includes a list of popular airsoft games that avid players have enjoyed playing for many years.

I. Closed Quarter Battle (CQB)
Not for the faint of heart, this battle takes place in a closed environment and often results in high speed action. The close proximity to the other players often makes the game more intense and concentrated. It is important to add hiding places, tunnels and bunkers to the closed space to make the game more challenging. Light airsoft guns are often used in closed quarter battle and give the user an edge up on the competition.

A skirmish is a laid back and popular method of enjoying airsoft with friends and teammates. There is more room to roam in a skirmish than a closed quarter battle, as it is often in an open field. The exact rules of the skirmish depend upon each circumstance, but often the players can use any weapon of their choice. Typically each player wears camouflage clothing, eye protection and tactical gear. Carrying a large supply of ammunition is necessary since this game often lasts longer than closed quarter battles.

III.Capture the Flag
Capture the flag, also known as capture the intelligence, is popular in both airsoft and paintball. If often consists of two teams and two flags, but it can also be played with multiple teams and one neutral flag. There are a variety of rules associated with capture the flag, ultimately the rules used is up to the group. The group may decide that the player is out after being hit once or after being hit multiple times. One thing is consistent across the majority of capture the flag games, the team wins by being the first one to get the flag and return it to their base. Playing capture the flag is a great way to meet new friends as you all work together to steal and return the flag.

IV. Team Death Match
Team death match is a simple game where two teams compete to get the most hits on their opponents. The main goal is to eliminate members of the other team while maintaining your team members. Each player keeps track of his or her own hits and uses the airsoft honor system. Often times people who have been “killed” can come back into the game after a certain amount of time has passed, but it depends on the exact rules set at the beginning of the game. The total number of hits by each team is calculated at the end of the game and a winner is decided upon.

V. Paratroopers
This is a unique game in which a set of “stranded” paratroopers have to complete specific objectives and make it safely back to the designated pickup zone. The abandoned paratroopers are blind folded and led to drop zone, given a map and various objectives. The players can get really creative with this game and have to come up with a clever strategy to defend their object while safely returning to the pickup zone.

VI. Military Simulation (MilSlim)
Military simulation, called MilSlim for short, refers to military simulations conducted by people for fun. When airsoft players perform a military simulation they take part in military role playing by assigned military roles and using military replica weapons. Each role is acted out in battle, which may be scripted or non-scripted. Many airsoft groups that conduct military simulation have ex-military members that partake. These ex-military members are often seeking the camaraderie of their old units.

VII. Historical Recreations
Historical recreations are similar to military stimulation, but the players act out classic events in history such as Civil War and World War II. The players try to include all the details of the event and bring the battle to present day. Historical recreations allow bystanders to see what took place in a visual manner and allow the players to feel a part of a monumental event in history.

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