Tuesday, August 2, 2011

10 Best Airsoft Concealment Tips & Tactics

Advanced players know that stealth is vital to winning an airsoft battle (and can make it a lot more fun for everyone involved). If you have ever been in an airsoft forum or asked friends for advice on how to conceal yourself during an airsoft game you may have noticed that other players are hesitant to reveal their maneuvers or tricks. Below you will find the 10 best airsoft concealment tips and tactics currently being used so you can have the advantage in your next game!

1. Wear a Ghillie Suit

Guillie suits are used in the military, by hunters, and for tactical stealth in games like airsoft and paintball. Ghillie suits are one piece suits, or multiple piece suits with rough camouflaged strips and fibers to disguise the wearer and allow for better head-to-toe concealment. For optimal concealment local materials should be stuck in and sound into the ghillie suit to provide a natural color and texture match.

2. Move Slowly

It might sound obvious, but nothing gives your position away faster than rushing around and running during the game. Quick abrupt movements will draw attention to you and compromise your position.

3. Be Quiet

Remaining quiet is key when trying to stay hidden, but this can be very difficult during dry conditions or in the autumn when dry leaves and twigs litter the ground. This is another reason why it’s important to move slowly. Moving too fast means that you can brush against or step on materials that will give away your movements.

4. Adjust Optics

If your gun is outfitted with airsoft tactical optics that have lens covers, leave the covers closed while you are getting into position and then open them while you are acquiring your target. This will help minimize the amount of time that the lenses of your airsoft gun’s optics are exposed, reducing the possibility that light will reflect off of them and signal your position to the opposing team.

5. Add a "Bird’s Nest"
A "bird’s nest" is a clump of grass, moss, or weeds that you can add to the front of your sight or scope if your optics do not have lens covers. Obviously you will want to position this in a way that does not impair your sight or impede the use of the optics attachment. "Bird’s nests" can also help your airsoft gun to blend in with the rest of your ghillie suit when you raise it up to aim and shoot.

6. Stay in the Prone Position/Crouch Down

When you’re trying to be stealthy staying low is very important. Moving in what is known as "the prone position" (a sort of combination between crawling and slithering) is a great way to stay low and go undetected. The prone position can be very difficult and tiring for beginners so if you’re unable to stay in the prone position at least try to crouch down as much as possible.

7. Use Obstacles

Hide behind obstacles like trees, bushes, and rocks as much as possible. This is especially important when there is limited vegetation to conceal yourself.

8. Don’t Be Flashy

Avoid wearing buttons, buckles or watches- anything that can reflect light. These flashy items can draw attention to you, and also prohibit you from moving smoothly in the prone position.

9. Soften Straight Edges

Hard straight edges on guns can be covered over with camouflage tape or dark colored fabric tape to make the shape of your gun blend in better with your overall surroundings and your ghillie suit. For your own safety, make sure that any taped parts are not interfering with the actual gun mechanisms.

10. Match your Camouflage

Be aware of what colors are included in your camouflage and make sure that you match them with your surroundings. First and foremost, make sure that your ghillie suit or other camouflage is suitable for the terrain (i.e. light browns, tans and reds for dessert conditions, and greens, browns, yellows, and grays for woodlands). Woodland settings often have more diversity in colors so be cognizant of what’s around you. If you have a camouflage that is a little too dark for your setting, stay low and try to blend into shadows.

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