Friday, May 22, 2009

Airsoft and the "Blind Man" Rule

airsoft blind man ruleSafety should always be taken seriously when dealing with airsoft guns. Just as you would not begin a skirmish without proper safety attire, you should not enter a match without full knowledge of the safety rules of the organization you are playing with. Though the specifics of the rule will vary, the “blind man” rule is commonly enforced across nearly all airsoft organizations.

What is the "Blind Man" rule?
"Blind man" is a warning that may be shouted anytime during an airsoft match when a player or bystander is spotted without protective eyewear, or in certain other emergency situations. Some organizations may dictate that only a commander may enact this rule, but many allow any player on the field to shout "blind man" under the appropriate circumstances. Having a universal signal to use in the event that someone in the vicinity is at risk underscores the importance of safety precautions in the sport of airsoft.

The "blind man" rule is widely understood as a signal that someone in the area is lacking proper eye protection, though in some organizations it is used to halt play for other reasons. For instance, sometimes the command is used when there is an injury, if a player’s vision is impaired or in response to other unsafe situations. Regardless of what prompts the warning, the actions you should take when you hear it are the same.

What to do when someone shouts "Blind Man!"
When you hear another player say "blind man," halt fire, stop wherever you are and repeat "blind man." The rules of some organizations may also dictate that all players place their airsoft guns on the ground when they hear the signal. If every player adheres to protocol and stops play when the "blind man" signal is given, the situation can be resolved and the skirmish can resume with minimal effect on the game. You should repeat "blind man" to ensure that everyone around you is aware that play has stopped. Communication is vital to keeping everyone on and around the playing field as safe as possible.

We realize that studying up on safety rules may not be the most fun part of airsoft, but in a sport where a small mistake can lead to unnecessary injury, following all safety rules is vitally important. Though the "blind man" command may not be used often in the game of airsoft, every player should be aware of its meaning as well as what actions to take if they hear it shouted.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Airsoft Game Types: Team Deathmatch

Airsoft Team Deathmatch TDMTeam deathmatch, also known as TDM, is a basic airsoft game type that consists of two teams competing to get the most hits on their opponents. Teams begin on opposite ends of the playing field and work together toward the goal of eliminating members of the other team before their own players are hit. Typically there are equal numbers of players on each team to start.

In team deathmatch, each player keeps track of his or her own hits, and team totals are calculated at the end of the match. When a player is hit, he or she signals the hit and goes to a designated respawn point. As with other Airsoft game types, players are expected to adhere to the honor system and call themselves out when they are hit. The rules and objectives of this game type will differ from group to group, but in many cases players who have been "killed" can come back into the game after a certain amount of time has passed.

A variation on team deathmatch is an individual deathmatch, or Free for All, which is a similar scenario except there are no teams. Last Man Standing is an example of this game type. Each player tries to eliminate other players without getting hit, which proves a challenge without having team members to help defend against enemy fire. Since every man is for himself, being attacked from multiple directions at once is common and makes hiding difficult. Though many airsofters love the camaraderie of team games, individual deathmatch games are fun and fast-paced and usually shorter in length than team matches.

Team deathmatch is one of the basic airsoft game types that is commonly played by beginners and experienced players alike. Games that fall into this category will vary widely on the details of play, so be sure to pay attention to the rules specified for the group you are with.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Airsoft Game Types: Medic

Airsoft MedicMedic is a type of airsoft game that gives players who have been hit the chance to get back into the action once they have been "healed" by a player designated as the medic. Typically the game is played with the goal of team domination or death match, but there are many variations that can be played with medics. If you are participating in a skirmish using this scenario, be sure to learn the specific rules for being healed, or "respawned" for the group organizing the skirmish.

In a skirmish, the player chosen as the medic is usually either unarmed or lightly armed. When another member of the medic's team is hit, the medic can "heal" the down player, who may then return to the game. The player who has been hit is required to stay down until the medic arrives in most cases, though depending on the particular game, sometimes a hit player is permitted to go find the medic after a certain period of time has passed. Players may be permitted to defend themselves with their airsoft guns while they are down, or they may not. A medic makes it possible for individuals to stay in the game longer, but there are usually limits dictating the number of times a player can be healed and return to play.

With the ability to bring a hit player back into the game, the medic is key to the endurance of the team in an airsoft skirmish. If the opposing team hits the medic during play, the medic is out of the game, and the other members of the team can no longer be brought back after being hit.

Some teams play the game with a higher degree of realism, with the medic imposing fake "injuries" that hinder players in some way depending on where they are hit. Since players are often brought back multiple times during a skirmish, playing airsoft with a medic can take more time than the typical 'one hit and you're out' scenario. When you are getting ready to play a game of this type, be sure you have plenty of time and ammo!

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