Thursday, July 29, 2010

Airsoft on a Budget

While the airsoft guns often look expensive, getting the right gear as an airsoft beginner doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. The following is a quick starter guide that will help you choose the right equipment while sticking to a budget.

Airsoft Guns: Airsoft guns are powered by one of three sources: Spring-loaded (normally called "spring guns" or "springers"), gas (most commonly CO2, red or green gas) or gearboxes (also known as AEGs or Automatic Electric Guns). Spring weapons are usually less expensive, easy to operate and include a variety of rifles, airsoft shotguns and pistols. If you are considering a sniper role, there are a number of inexpensive spring powered sniper rifles to choose from. (These start as low as $30.) If you just want a simple weapon for a casual use, a spring pistol (around $20) or a shotgun ($30-$50) is also a great place to start.

BBs: The type of airsoft gun BBs you need will depend on your choice of gun. It is worth emphasizing that using cheap, low-grade BBs will cause damage to your gun and can void your gun’s warranty. It’s best to purchase high quality BBs from an airsoft specialty retailer. Quality BBs start at around $5 for a 1,000-2,000rd bottle. I personally recommend GoldenBall ProSlick BBs. These ultra seamless competition grade airsoft bbs provide a 40% improvement (on average) in BB spherical consistency and density in comparison to other BBs on the market. Most people who use GoldenBall once become hooked.

Safety Goggles: If you plan to participate in any sort of airsoft skirmish, a pair of airsoft goggles is a must. Look for fully-sealed, impact resistant goggles specifically designed for airsoft play. You should only purchase goggles from a reputable dealer to ensure that they are built (and tested) to withstand standard BB hits between 250-450 FPS. Goggle prices will vary from $10-$30. You can buy more professional gear at higher prices, but for beginners, standard airsoft goggles are perfectly fine.

About the Author: Mike Zhang is the President of Airsoft Megastore, an online airsoft retailer offering a wide selection of electric and gas powered airsoft guns. Please visit Airsoft Megastore to shop for inexpensive aeg airsoft guns, full metal airsoft rifles or the right airsoft gas gun for players of any experience level.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Packing for Travel with Airsoft Guns

Both the TSA and the FAA, the agencies responsible for travel safety and regulations, have well established laws and rules for the transportation of arms and ammunition. Even if the weapon or firearm that is being transported is for airsoft or paintball, these guns are treated with the same security as real guns and failure to follow the regulations can result in serious penalties.

It is important to remain up-to-date with all FAA and TSA laws as increases or decreases in threat levels can affect whether some particular rules are being suspended or adjusted. Also be sure to check the rules of the airline and, if you are traveling outside of the U.S, the local government. Some airlines have more lax rules about traveling with guns, while some prohibit it entirely. Similarly, many countries have bans on guns, even airsoft guns. Countries including Canada, Thailand and Singapore prohibit airsoft guns so be sure to inform yourself of your destinations laws regarding airsoft.

Airsoft Guns:

If possible, it is preferable to stow and lock your firearm in a box so that it remains secure throughout the flight, does not jostle, and is easily identified. Whether or not your firearm has its own separate case, it must be enclosed in a hard-sided item.

No guns will be permitted that are stored in soft suitcases, duffel bags or other soft-sided baggage. A hard-sided, molded case that snugly secures the gun is best. It is also necessary for any luggage that is storing the gun to have either a key or lock on it.

Be sure to provide either the key or the combination for the lock to the security officer in the case that he or she needs to open the container. You should remain present during the screening to retrieve your key after the container is cleared. If you are not present and the security officer must open the container, the airline will make a reasonable attempt to contact you. If TSA agents cannot contact you, the container will not be placed on the plane.

Additionally, federal regulations prohibit unlocked gun cases or those with broken locks on aircraft, so be sure that your luggage and/or lock are in good condition prior to departing for the airport.


Check with the airline to find out the amount of ammunition that is permitted to be packed for flight.

No ammo, pellets or Airsoft bbs may be loaded in the gun. All ammunition that is packed in suitcases must be securely store in a cardboard, metal or wood box. Other boxes specifically designed to carry ammunition are also accepted by the TSA. Be sure that the box is an adequate size for the amount of ammunition; that is, neither too large that the ammunition is left loose and jostling inside, nor so small that the box has difficulty remaining closed.

If the ammunition is to be stored within the same case as the gun, it must still be individually packed within a box.

If you are traveling internationally, please check with the authorities at your destination about their requirements.

About the Author: Mike Zhang is the President and COO of Airsoft Megastore, a leading online provider of airsoft guns, gear and accessories. Airsoft Megastore brings Airsoft to the masses by offering low prices on Airsoft gear for beginner to experienced players.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flight Travel with Airsoft Guns

With flight regulations and laws becoming ever more restrictive, airsoft enthusiasts may find themselves in a bit of trouble if they are not well-informed when they arrive at the airport. Taking airsoft shotguns on a plane without preparation seems like a good way to get oneself shot at by an air marshal. So to keep airsoft practitioners out of the (real) line of fire, it is important to be familiar with all current air travel laws and regulations.

There are two main organizations or governmental bodies that establish flight rules – the TSA and the FAA. The TSA, or Transportation Security Administration, is made up of security officers, inspectors, directors, air marshals and managers who protect the nation's transportation systems so you and your family can travel safely. They’re the guys at the metal detectors and scanners in the airport asking you to take your shoes off and checking for guns and bombs. They’re also the guys who will take you down if they find a weapon in your carry-on.

The most important thing to know when traveling by plane is that all guns are treated equally – airsoft guns, real guns, and even paintball guns are treated with the same level of severity and security.

Current regulations state that all arms (this includes all airsoft equipment) can be taken onboard the airplane, but must be packed in your checked luggage. That means you cannot have any guns, airsoft pellets, canisters or anything else in your carry-on luggage. Storing these items in luggage that you intend to carry onto the plane and have access to throughout the flight will result in some pretty unpleasant face-time with the TSA agents. Not to mention the risk of missing your flight!

It is also necessary to declare your gun (airsoft or otherwise) at the ticketing counter as any undeclared arms that are found in checked baggage will be considered a threat and may result in damage to your luggage or at worst, your arrest. Stored weapons that will be dispatched in checked luggage will be identified by specific tags on the bag or suitcase.

Additionally, pump and spring airsoft shotguns must be dismantled before being packed away in your luggage and all CO2 canisters must be emptied and detached from the gun. To check whether your gun is allowed onboard the plane, check the TSA site and be sure to talk to your carrier as each airline has their own rules.

About the Author: Mike Zhang is the President and COO of Airsoft Megastore, a leading online provider of Airsoft guns, gear and accessories. Airsoft Megastore brings airsoft to the masses by offering low prices on airsoft gear for beginner to experienced players.

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