Thursday, June 7, 2012

Airsoft Glossary of Acronyms: What the $#%& does THAT mean?

Sometimes its hard keeping all the military acronyms straight. This is aquick and dirty guide to the most important airsoft-related abbreviations.

ACP: Automatic Colt Pistol. An airsoft ACP is a replica of a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol. While the real life version use a larger than normal bullet, the airsoft versions typically rely on the standard 6mm BB.

AEG: Automatic Electric Gun. AEGs are the most popular airsoft guns. Often the primary rifle in a player’s arsenal, these guns rely on an electric rechargeable battery as a power-source.

AK/AKM: Automatic Kalashnikov/Automatic Kalashnikov Metal. Based on the Russian classics, the AK is one of the most popular, influential rifles of the 20th century due to their power, accuracy and mobility. Airsoft AKs are replicas of this the rifle series, including AK47s and AK74s.

AR: Automatic Rifle. A rifle that automatically loads after a shot is fired.

BB: Ball Bearing. Airsoft bullets that typically measure 6mm in diameter and weigh between 0.12 and 0.40+ grams. Weight varies depending on that airsoft weapon being utilized.

CQB: Close Quarters Battle, also known as Close Quarter Combat. This is a popular type of airsoft game where participants battle in close proximity to each other and shoot at targets close range. CQB is best for small areas and indoor combat.

CQC: Close Quarters Combat. See CQB.

DPM: Disruptive Pattern Material. The official British camouflage pattern, available in wooded, desert and urban color schemes.

EBB: Electric Blow-Back. This is a type of reloading mechanism that relies on an electric battery. These airsoft guns tend to be less expensive and have a lower powered shot.

FPS: Feet Per Second. FPS is used to measure the velocity an airsoft BB is shot. Higher FPS travel further.

GBB: Gas Blow-Back. This is a type of reloading mechanism that relies on gas to power the reload and provides a very realistic look and feel to the gun.

HMG: Heavy Machine Gun. A HMG is a large, fully-automatic, rapid fire gun that is powerful, resistance to overheating, and fires many bullets continuously without changing magazines.

HOP: Hop Up. A common airsoft gun device that increases shot increase range.

NV / NVG: Night Vision or Night Vision Goggles. Optics that allow soldiers to see in dark conditions. Night vision devices come in many forms, including goggles, monocular, rifle mounted scope, helmet-mounted goggles, and video cameras.

RIS: Rail Interface System. A RIS allows players to modify weapons with various upgrades and accessories, such as airsoft scopes, lasers, flashlights, and grenade launchers.

ROF: Rate of Fire. ROF measures how many airsoft ammo a weapon can fire in a given time.

RPM: Rounds per minute. See ROF.

RPS: Rounds Per Second. See ROF.

SLR: Self Loading Rifle. An airsoft rifle that reloads automatically after each shot.

SMG: Sub Machine Gun. A machine gun designed for CQC use, when heavy machine guns are not optimal.

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