Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Airsoft Sniper Tips

The sniper role is easily one of the most coveted roles on the airsoft field. An effective sniper is highly valued because they not only actively eliminate opponents, but they also act as a communication hub for the team.

If you are interested in transitioning into the sniper role in upcoming skirmishes, here are a few tips to help you succeed on the battlefield.

Be stealthy.

Cunning is one of the most important qualities a sniper can have… maybe even more valuable than shot accuracy. Stealth alone can make a sniper a success. A stealthy sniper understands how to position themselves so that they can observe the field without being seen and how to keep their movements slight. They are adept to traversing the environment undetected – be it wooded or field. They also understand how to retreat from a compromised position efficiently, in near silence.

Be disciplined & patient.

As a sniper, you risk discovery whenever you take a shot. For this reason, you must ensure that the shot you are taking is worth the risk. Is the target within range? Is it attainable at your skill level? If you are fairly confident the odds are against you, it is better to lay low and remain undetected. In fact, many real-life snipers stalk a target for days before making a kill shot. Patience and discipline are key… and only shoot when the target is attainable and worth the risk.

Be decisive.

Ironically, even though patience and discipline are paramount to sniping success, you are also required to take decisive action when the time is right. The opportunity to take your kill shot may only last a few seconds, so you must calmly take action… line up the shot, and pull the trigger.

Be a partner.

In many cases, having a spotter or second shooter will help keep you alert at all moments and will increase the likelihood of a decisive kill. It is difficult to use binoculars or airsoft rifle scopes or optics for more than 20 minutes at a time and having a skilled partner will allow you to break up the task and increase efficiencies.

Be chill.

The sniper role is not a good fit for people with hot tempers. If you are quick to anger, it is likely you will make irrational or careless choices. Anger elevates the pulse, quickening the heartbeat, and resulting in fight or flight behavior. This is the exact opposite of what makes a good sniper. A good sniper is level headed, patient, calm and able to make rational choices – even under stress.

Be your sniper rifle.

Ideally a sniper’s rifle is second nature, but this will take time and practice. Use your airsoft sniper rifle as much as possible. Get an in-depth understanding of the rifle’s dimensions, capabilities and limitations. Target practice is critical. Practice firing low on the ground and in hiding. Work on long distance accuracy and maneuvering your rifle in silence.

A successful sniper needs to be stealthy, even tempered, patient, disciplined, decisive and accurate. Taking accurate shots, maneuvering stealthily and partnering with a skilled spotter or fellow sniper will help set the stage for success as an airsoft sniper.

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