Monday, April 9, 2012

What is an AEG?

Airsoft players have several choices when it comes to the type of airsoft gun they choose to use on the field. From manual spring loaded pistols to fully automatic, full metal sniper rifles, there is an amazing array of gun choices out there… and for new airsoft players, all that choice can be a bit overwhelming and confusing.

Simply put, airsoft guns fall into four categories: spring, gas / cO2, electric and hybrid. This article deals with the most common type of airsoft gun – electric battery powered airsoft guns.

So what is an AEG?
AEG stands for Airsoft Electric Gun. They were first developed in Japan by Tokyo Mauri, but are now produced by nearly every major airsoft gun manufacturer. AEGs used to be quite expensive, but recent manufacturing innovations have resulted in a wide range of price points. An electric airsoft gun uses an electric motor with a rechargeable battery to power an internal piston or spring to fire airsoft BBs. They feature both automatic or semi-automatic capabilities and fire anywhere between 100 and 1500 rounds per minute. In fact, all AEGs have selective fire modes, so you can go from fully automatic to semi automatic firing with the simple flip of a switch.

These style of airsoft firearm are the most common weapon of choice for airsofters, largely because of their power, performance and realistic look and feel. Airsoft AEGs fire at velocities between 150 and 650 FPS (feet per second), making them the most powerful airsoft guns on the field. They are also highly customizable with a variety of upgrades and accessories, making them highly attractive to active airsofters looking to optimize their performance. When it comes to batteries, the general rule of thumb is the higher the mAh, the longer the battery life and the greater the voltage, the higher the Rate of Fire (RoF).

Then what are EBBs?
EBB is short for electric blowback airsoft gun, or electric blowbacks. These are high end AEGs – typically rifles – that utilize a rechargeable 9.6 volt battery. These pieces have a very authentic blowback but less of a kick. In general , they are fun guns to operate, but battery life can deplete quickly and the blowback itself can wear on internals which can lead to a shorter gearbox lifespan.

And what is an AEP?
AEP is short for Automatic Electric Pistols, which are electric powered, fully automatic pistols. If you plan on participating in outdoor skirmishes in cold weather, you should consider investing in an AEP as your cold weather sidearm. C02 and gas powered guns require heat to fire, while AEP’s work in colder temperatures. The majority of AEPs are constructed almost entirely of plastic, making them less realistic in feel than other, metal based pistols.

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