Monday, April 30, 2012

The Airsoft Sniper Checklist

The best snipers not only have the skill, stealth, and patience to effectively pick off opponents one by one, but they come to the field prepared. The sniping role is one that is easily compromised, so preparedness is vital to keeping under the opponents’ radar. When selecting gear, you should always consider the convenience of using the gear and, more importantly, the noise factor. Does the gear require you to make excessive movement to access it? Does it reflect light? While direct sunshine end up broadcasting your position like a mirror? Does the gear make noise or utilize materials that rattles or rustles. Noisy gear is a rooky mistake that will undoubtedly compromise your position.

Before you head out, consider the terrain you will be traversing, the weather, and carefully consider what you might encounter on the field. Do not overload with gear that you have little foreseen use for. Carefully decide what will serve a purpose on the field and make you a better sniper. The gear that you decide is important should be secured tight against your body with straps or duct tape.

The following is a summary of gear a sniper should consider when preparing for battle.

  • Dress the Part – Check weather forecasts and make sure that you dress appropriately. It is best to wear fitted clothes that won’t snag on plants or terrain. Pockets are always a good feature.
  • Tactical Holster or Tactical Vest – Pockets galore and a place for everything, the tactical holster or vest is your best friend when you need something.
  • Ghillie Suit – Depending on the terrain a ghillie suit may help conceal your location.
  • Your Primary Weapon and Side Arm – Obviously you will need your airsoft sniper rifle, but you should also bring a side arm in case you must engage in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Airsoft Ammo – Keep 2 or 3 spare mags on hand to take you through the day.
  • Safety Goggles or Glasses – This is a given whenever you participate in airsoft.
  • Camel Back or Canteen – I favor camel backs because they minimize the amount of movement required to hydrate – wear it under your ghillie suit - but if you prefer a canteen, secure it tightly against your body.
  • Provisions –Many airsofters don’t realize it, but milsim skirmishes are a serious workout, even for snipers. You must carry heavy equipment, making slow calculated movements that keep muscles flexed for prolonged periods of time. It can be exhausting and chances are you will get hungry. Keeping your blood sugar stable will also help your steadiness, shot accuracy, and critical decision making.
  • Knife or Scissors – You never know when you will need to cut tape, branches or whatever gets in your way.
  • Hand Radio – If you are not in an environment where hand signals will suffice, a radio will keep your team strategically aligned.

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