Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Realism and the Sport of Airsoft

Airsoft Sniper in Airsoft GearRealistic weapons and scenarios bring an intriguing element of realism to the adrenaline charged sport of airsoft. The excitement of playing with replicas of real guns and reenacting combat or law enforcement scenarios contributes to the growing popularity of the sport.

Designed to look almost identical to their real counterparts, airsoft guns are available in a range of models from spring loaded pistols to airsoft sniper rifles. Airsoft guns are reloaded when a player runs out of ammunition during play, just as a real gun would be in combat. Many players upgrade their Airsoft guns with laser pointers, scopes or flashlights to enhance realism while adding functionality to the weapon.

The clothing and gear worn by players also contributes to the realism of a skirmish. Wearing camouflage, ghillie suits, tactical assault vests or other military style attire will make an airsoft skirmish or military simulation feel more like the real thing. Camouflage clothing of course also serves its intended purpose of making a player less visible to opponents during combat. Props such as communication radios or vehicles representing military vehicles bring an added dimension of realism to an airsoft skirmish.

Battle reenactments and military or law enforcement simulations are airsoft scenarios that give players a sense of competing in real combat or working as a team to find solutions to presented situations. Battle reenactments require planning ahead to accomplish the level of realism desired for a skirmish. Some historic battle reenactments involve the use of period specific attire and weaponry for optimal realism.

Stepping up the realism of a game can be as simple as wearing camouflage or as involved as using real military clothing, formations and tactics.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Airsoft Safety Essentials Part II: Safety Equipment and Attire

Airsoft Safety GearIn Part I of this series, Airsoft Safety Essentials Part I: Handling your Gun, we examined important safety measures to bear in mind when handling an Airsoft gun. Part II provides an overview of some key pieces of protective attire that can help prevent injury when playing Airsoft:

Safety Goggles
A pair of impact resistant goggles is the absolute minimum protection that must be worn when playing with Airsoft guns. Eye protection is so important that yelling "blind man" has emerged as a widely known signal to stop firing immediately due to someone in the vicinity lacking eye protection (the phrase can also be shouted for other reasons, but always means cease fire). Do your part to promote Airsoft safety by never shooting at anyone who is not wearing eye protection.

Face Mask
Many Airsoft players choose to wear protective face masks, which cover and shield the face during play. Some face masks are combined with goggles for full-face protection, while others are designed for use in combination with impact resistant goggles. A face mask can help prevent a direct hit to your face and teeth.

Tactical Vest
An Airsoft tactical vest protects the skin from the direct impact of an Airsoft BB. In addition to adding a layer of protection, these vests also make it convenient to carry extra guns, magazines, BBs and other supplies. Airsoft tactical vests are available in many styles at a wide range of prices.

Airsoft Helmet
An Airsoft tactical helmet prevents direct hits to the head during play. Many players also enjoy the realism that a helmet adds to the game.

Full Coverage Clothing
Generally, wearing a long sleeve shirt and long pants is advised when playing Airsoft. Clothing that covers exposed areas of skin lessens the impact of BBs and can prevent welts from forming as the result of a hit.

Though all of the protective equipment mentioned here is not required to play the sport of Airsoft, a protective pair of safety goggles should be worn at all times during a skirmish.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Airsoft Safety Essentials Part I: Handling your Gun

Airsoft Gun SafetyAirsoft is a fun and adrenaline charged sport, but also one that demands proper safety precautions to protect yourself and others from injury. Practicing safety with Airsoft guns is important both on and off the field.

As with any type of gun, it is critical to always point the gun in a safe direction away from people, and never touch the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Even if you are simply transporting or cleaning an Airsoft gun, concern for the safety of yourself and others should guide your behavior. Keeping the safety engaged any time that the gun is not in use is advised.

Another important safety precaution is to keep your Airsoft gun empty when not in use, and even so, treat every Airsoft gun as if it were loaded. Be sure to keep all Airsoft guns and equipment out of children’s reach, even when unloaded.

Always be aware that most people do not know that your Airsoft gun is a replica. Do not brandish your Airsoft gun in public, or anywhere that it is visible to others who may mistake it for a real firearm. Not only is carrying an unconcealed Airsoft gun illegal in many areas, the realistic appearance of the gun can lead others to think you are carrying a deadly weapon. Even with an orange tip visible, a law enforcement officer is not going to take any chances after seeing you carrying what appears to be a dangerous firearm. Transporting your gun in a case where it is not visible to the public can prevent panic and keep you from getting hurt or killed.

The Airsoft safety tips we have presented are essential for any Airsoft player, but do not account for every possible scenario. Always take extra precautions and exercise common sense when handling Airsoft guns and playing the game. Thoroughly read the user manuals that come with all of your equipment, where additional safety guidelines specific to your equipment should be provided.

About the Author: Mike Zhang is the VP of Operations of Airsoft Megastore, the #1 fastest growing Airsoft retailer in the nation. Airsoft Megastore offers the latest Airsoft guns and gear as well as a 125% low price guarantee on all new Airsoft guns and gear.

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