Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Latest in Airsoft Safety

Airsoft popularity is on the rise, but with that comes more airsoft injuries. There were more than 17,800 airsoft-related injuries last year, up from 16,800 in 2008. With more people injuring themselves, it is important to remember that while airsoft guns can be used for entertainment, they are certainly not toys. As airsoft technology advances, guns become more powerful and safety protocols becomes more important than ever.

Protect Your Face

With airsoft guns shooting at speeds in excess of 400 feet per second, eye injury and tooth chipping are serious concerns. Always wear eye protection such as shatterproof goggles, and consider using a mouth guard or a full face mask.

Protect Fellow Airsofters

Do not shoot anyone at close range. Always aim for the torso or chest, rather than the face or limbs. Never shoot at someone who is not wearing the proper eye/face protection.

Cover Your Limbs

It is best to wear long sleeves and pants when playing airsoft as the material will help protect bare skin from the sting of pellets. While operating with 10 times less velocity than a real gun, airsoft pellets have still been known to penetrate skin.

Use an Airsoft Gun Case

When transporting your gun, be sure to use an appropriate airsoft gun case to protect from accidental firing.

Keep the Orange Tip

The orange tip is required by federal law and will allow others to identify the gun as a replication rather than the real-deal.

Don’t "Joke Around" With Civilians

We’ve all heard the stories. There was an 18 year old in Missouri that shot his grandmother repeatedly with his airsoft gun as “a joke”. There was also the Ohio University men’s basketball player who shot at random strangers from a moving car as “a joke”. Not only can these jokes result in prosecution, but they can seriously injure someone.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Finding an Airsoft Team

While target practice is always entertaining, the real fun to be had in airsoft is in the skirmishes. If you are new to the sport or haven’t played on a team before, it can be difficult to locate other active airsofters in your area. Here are a few tips for putting together a team for regular airsoft matches.

Your Local Airsoft Complex

By far the best way to meet other airsofters in your area is to visit your local airsoft and paintball complexes. Not only can you jump into games, but these centers draw in a number of active players from all over the region. If you live in a more remote area, it’s worth making a trip to a facility in your closest large city. The center’s management can help refer you to other like-minded players in your area, and many have organized online forums where you can reach out to other players directly via email.

Your Local Airsoft Retailers

Call around local airsoft retailers and ask if they are familiar with any existing community airsoft teams. If they don’t know a team, they might be able to refer you to a local forum or facility.

Friends & Colleagues

While your friends may not currently play airsoft, chances are some of them would enjoy it. Ask around at school, work or at the gym. Recruit a few friends or colleagues. If they are trustworthy, offer to loan them equipment while they try it out. You can target practice together or organize a trip to a nearby airsoft facility where they can also rent equipment.

Around the Neighborhood

Post fliers on community boards at local gun ranges, community centers, gyms and coffee shops. Provide a contact email and arrange to meet potential team members in public spaces. For safety’s sake, organize your first matches at an airsoft facility. Obviously, you should never meet with strangers in a private setting.

Around the On-line Neighborhood

There are plenty of amazing online communities and resources that can help you find airsofters. Check airsoft online forums. Start a FaceBook fan page. Create a local airsoft Meetup group. (Again, always arrange to meet strangers in public spaces or at local facilities.)

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