Thursday, October 6, 2011

FRAG OUT! How to Choose and Use Airsoft Hand Grenades!

Airsoft hand grenades are one of the most under-appreciated airsoft weapons. Airsoft hand grenades are perfect for both indoor and outdoor airsoft game play, and add a unique sense of realism to the game if used well. There is nothing more useful to clear a room than an airsoft grenade, which can almost instantly eliminate all players inside! There are a variety of different types of airsoft grenades, each with their own useful effects. In this article we will cover the different types of airsoft hand grenades along with their strengths and weaknesses, as well as useful airsoft grenade tactics.

Airsoft grenades can be separated into three main categories; dummy grenades, sound grenades, and BB ejecting grenades. First, we will cover Dummy Airsoft Grenades, which are the most simple of the three. Dummy grenades are replica grenades, normally made of lightweight foam, and are easy to throw for long distances. However, dummy grenades do not perform any sort of action, unlike other airsoft grenades. It is harder for opposing players to know that they have been "Killed" by a dummy grenade because of its lack of sound or BB spray. Dummy Grenades are always great to have on your gear, and because they are normally durable, lightweight, and don’t need to be loaded or charged they can be used over and over again during an airsoft game.

Sound grenades are some of the most intense grenades used in airsoft. Their function and loading is relatively simple as well. Most sound grenades utilize a 12 gram CO2 cartridge to release its compressed gas and "pop" the sound grenade’s disposable outer shell. Sound grenades are quite loud, and let all players in the vicinity know that a grenade has gone off. The loud noise level adds an intense sense of realism to your airsoft match, by simulating the sounds of a real explosion. The only drawbacks of using a sound grenade is that the grenade must be fully reloaded and reset after each use and the hard metal inner core can be dangerous if thrown. The loud airsoft sound grenades are perfect for military simulation scenarios and outdoor field play. Sound grenades should not be used outside of sanctioned airsoft fields, due to their extremely loud sound when they go off.

The last type of airsoft grenade is a BB spray grenade. These grenades shoot out BB’s either on impact, or when their timer releases the BB’s. These grenades are normally the most expensive; however they are also some of the best airsoft hand grenades on the market. A BB spray or shower grenade is useful because it not only lets the players know that a grenade has exploded by them, but also hits them with BB’s to guarantee that the players call themselves out. These grenades are great for room clearing and throwing into entrenched enemy positions. Airsoft BB spray grenades are easy to use and load, however they are single time use weapons, and must be reset and reloaded after you have thrown it.

Airsoft hand grenades are extremely tactically efficient, able to clear an entire room instantly and flush out the enemy from entrenched positions. Airsoft hand grenades are easy to use, and they are very helpful in tight situations. Airsoft hand grenades increase the realism of your airsoft games and can help your team achieve victory in an airsoft battle!

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