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10 Ways to Convince Your Mom You Won’t Shoot Your Eye Out

If you’ve seen the iconic movie A Christmas Story you’ve heard the phrase "You’ll shoot your eye out." For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, here’s a quick recap. Nine year old Ralphie wants a Red Ryder bb gun for Christmas, but his overprotective mother, school teacher, and even the mall Santa Clause keep denying him his prized bb gun by saying "You’ll shoot your eye out."

While this story is clearly fictional, if you’ve ever read airsoft forums you know this is still a common dilemma. There are plenty of kids out there whose parents won’t let them get their airsoft gun or airsoft sniper rifle because they have misconceptions about airsoft in general. If you’re one of those airsoft enthusiasts, here are 10 tips to help you get the airsoft gun you want this holiday season:

1. Airsoft is Not Dangerous

Airsoft is less dangerous than paintball. Airsoft bb’s are shot at a much lower velocity than paintballs, and their mass is a lot lower so they are less dangerous when they hit you. Standard bb’s can’t penetrate skin or damage internal organs.

Tip: Explain to parents that an airsoft skirmish is actually safer than doing common chores like cutting the grass.

2. Wide Range of Airsoft Safety Gear

Faces (especially eyes) are the one place that are susceptible to injury when playing airsoft, but there is a lot of airsoft safety gear out there to choose from to protect yourself. If you hit a sale you can get airsoft safety glasses for under $10, and goggles or full face masks for under $20. But it doesn’t stop there. Basically, if you name it they make it for airsoft players- everything from helmets to gloves to knee pads to vests. For more information on staying safe, check out our airsoft safety articles or the Airsoft Megastore TV Channel.

Tip: Make a list of the airsoft safety gear that you’ll need to play and include that on your holiday wish list so your parents know you’re taking the sport seriously.

3. Orange Safety Tips on Airsoft Guns

If your parents have heard news stories about people with airsoft guns being mistaken for criminals with real guns and being shot by law enforcement officers remind them that in all of these cases the person with an airsoft gun was either committing a criminal act, did not obey law enforcement officers when he/she was told to put the gun down, or had removed the orange safety tip that distinguishes it from a real gun.

Tip: Promise your parents that you will leave the orange tip on to ensure your safety.

4. Responsible Airsoft Play

For whatever reason moms seem to think that giving an otherwise good kid a bb gun will suddenly lead to them shooting cars, animals, and unarmed people- getting them in trouble with the law.

Tip: Remind your parents that you will only fire your gun in suitable areas and only shoot at airsoft targets and other outfitted players.

5. Airsoft is Very Affordable

A lot of parents assume that airsoft guns and ammo are expensive, but they really aren’t anymore. Depending on what kind of gun you want to carry, and how much safety equipment you’ll be wearing you can get started for as little as $200. For a full rundown of what to expect in the way of price when getting started read the full article "What does it Cost to Start Playing Airsoft?"

Tip: Instead of just asking your parents for any airsoft gun, consider researching an individual discount airsoft gun and asking for that gun to illustrate how affordable airsoft can be (plus, then you stand a better chance of getting the exact gun you want).

6. Airsoft is Mess Free

Some parents don’t know the difference between airsoft and paintball guns so they might assume you’ll come home covered in wet paint splotches or that the backyard will be riddled with bright paint when you’re done.
Tip: Tell your parents to rest assured that you won’t ruin your clothes or the make a mess in the house with paint.

7. Airsoft is Legal in All States

Airsoft guns are legal in the U.S. so they don’t have to worry about you getting in trouble for owning one.

Tip: Some states have special laws banning the discharge of airsoft guns within city limits or requiring that guns be a special color so check your local laws to make sure you are abiding by all regulations. The more informed you are the easier it will be to convince your parents that you can be responsible with an airsoft gun.

8. Airsoft Guns Aren’t Real Guns

Because airsoft guns are used by the military and police forces for training operations, parents may think that the guns are more realistic than they are.

Tip: Show them that the guns are not real guns and that they are not firing large dangerous projectiles. This may seem silly but sometimes parents just need to see it with their own eyes. If you have a friend with an airsoft gun ask him/her to help you demonstrate this to your parents.

9. Airsoft Friends & Teammates

Sometimes parents imagine their child getting an airsoft gun and running around alone shooting things and wreaking havoc.

Tip: Remind your parents that all over the country there are people of all ages getting together for airsoft skirmishes so you’ll be making new friends and maybe even developing long-term teammates. If your parents routinely tell you to stop playing video games and go outdoors and play you can remind them that an airsoft gun will help you to be more active playing outside with other kids.

10. Airsoft can be a Rite of Passage

At the end of A Christmas Story Ralphie finally gets a bb gun for Christmas because his father had one when he was Ralphie’s age. While 9 years old may be a little young for a rite of passage it’s common for 13-16 year olds to get something like an airsoft gun to signal that they are growing up.

Tip: If you think you can work this in your favor, try positioning your request as a rite of passage into manhood. Your dad just might cave.

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